Sonntag, 26. Juni 2011

RRR028: Hyena - Breathing Death Rotting Flesh 7"

Hyena is a new hardcore-punk outfit out of the AJZ Bielefeld Crew and I think they choosed the very best and most suitable name for their band, cause the hyena-music is raw, rotten and simply a low-down bastard. The seven songs on this record vary from uptempo punkrawk to slowed down heavyness in a decuman rage. The lyrics dealing with the status of being and feeling fucked up in every aspect. These guys swing the sledge and bring down the foundation, the world is fucked and Hyena are the special task force to wreck up everything. 

01. B.D.R.F.
02. Still Pissed
03. No Colors
04. Nothing
05. Mindless Drones
06. Disease
07. Pressure


Pressure by Hyena HC/Punk

RRR027: Ruins / Kyrest - Split LP

Ruins from Bielefeld and Kyrest from Nürnberg teamed up to release an awesome piece of vinyl on rising riot records. Both bands play some intense modern neocrust-dbeat. We know the ruins-guys from bands like Shoyu Squad and KPX and so we expected a brutal liveset and we got it. For this split, Ruins recorded four songs with the help of Robin Völkert and brought it to a playtime of nearly 19 minutes. Kyrest tackle their songs in the same way, brutal and atmospheric neocrust with german and english lyrics. The kyrest-side of the record brings four songs in about 14 minutes. All the records come in grey, milky wax. So, all you friends of dark and doomy records, this one is for you. 

Songs:01. Ruins - No Tears Will Fall
02. Ruins - Der Letzte Tage
03. Ruins - Victory Of The Sun
04. Ruins - Drown
05. Kyrest - Aufwachen
06. Kyrest - The Eye
07. Kyrest - Fighting Windmills
08. Kyrest - Räder

RRR026: Remember - Chuzpe LP

About one year after the debut-ep 'Death To All Of Us' Remember are back with their first full length. Chuzpe is the consistent advancement of the EP, the record is dark and desperate. It combines some modern hardcore elements with some moshing heavyness of pure intensity. There are these calm and muted moments just to be destroyed by another vehement storm. We made some copies in a splattered-vinyl-look, some white copies and some black ones. Moreover, every record will have it's unique download code. 
01. Caught by the birds...
02. Resurrecution
03. Trees
04. Won't stop
05. Chuzpe
06. Restless
07. Moving backwards
08. Wreck
09. Take your head!
10. Statues
11. Realm
12. ...eaten by the wolves


RRR025: Shoyu Squad - From Bad To Worse And Nine To Five LP

About two years after the fabulous debut ep of Shoyu Squad from Bielefeld, the four guys recorded 10 new songs to release their first LP called 'From Bad To Worse And Nine To Five' and I think the bombenalarm-reference is not accidentally... To me the new songs appear way darker than the tracks of the 7", less thrashlines, but more heavyness and more raggedness all along the line. I like Chainbreaker, I like Bombenalarm, I like Tragedy and I'm absolutly happy that 'From Bad To Worse...' is the first LP that is solely released by Rising Riot Records. And to mention the great B.... in this little text for a last time: We have even the cover 'Funktionstuechtig Deutsch' on this record!!! 250 pieces in white and rest in black vinyl. 

01. Intro
02. Buried Alive
03. No Tomorrow
04. Suffocate
05. Grey
06. Deception
07. The Baiting Mob
08. Not The End Of Of Our Tragedy
09. Funktionstüchtig Deutsch
10. Nightmare

Some Releases RRR021 - RRR028

Here are some younger records. The Remember - Death To All Of Us 7" was releases in 2009:

RRR028: Hyena – Breathing Death Rotting Flesh 7"
RRR027: Ruins / Kyrest – Split LP
RRR026: Remember – Chuzpe LP
RRR025: Shoyu Squad - From Bad To Worse And Nine To Five LP
RRR024: Sidetracked / Kachel - Split 7"
RRR023: The Omnipresent Disease - Dressed Like You 10"
RRR022: KPX - Freedom In Fences 7"
RRR021: Remember - Death To All Of Us 7"

Most of these records are still available.

Samstag, 25. Juni 2011

Older Releases RRR001 - RRR020

This is an overview about some older releases. Most of them aren't available anymore. Just to give you an impression of the things we did in the past. 

RRR020: Soviet Nuns / F.U.G - Split LP
RRR019: Profit And Murder - Mother Nature's Afterbirth LP
RRR018: Taste The Floor - s/t CD
RRR017: A Bit Of Braindead - Totally Wrecked 7"
RRR016: Sidetracked - Churchill Downs 7"
RRR015: Outrageous - Selftitled CD
RRR014: The Omnipresent Disease / Alarmstufe Gerd - Split this 7"
RRR013: FUG - Sumus Animalia 7"
RRR012: Sniffing Glue - We are Sniffing Glue, Fuck You CD
RRR011: Undressed Army - Hier ist alles geil 7"
RRR010: Sidetracked - The Decay 12"
RRR009: Krautbomber - Selftitled CD
RRR008: Nein Nein Nein / Kaput Krauts - Bombing Your Kleinstadt LP
RRR007: Deny Everything - Selftitled CD
RRR006: Krombacher Kellerkinder - Never.Ever.Fuck.Die CD
RRR005: The Swords / The Facts - These are my 7"
RRR004: Sidetracked / Some Came Running - Split 7"
RRR003: Sidetracked - Crush Kill Destroy MC
RRR002: V/A - Trash Till Death Vol. 2 MC
RRR001: V/A - Trash Till Death Vol. 1 MC

Goodbye Good Old Html-Site

As you see, from now on this is a blog-site! Why? Well, I think sometimes you have to change some things and the old site was pretty OK, but it was simply old and I just feel like creating something new. Another important point to me is that a blog is always focusing on current incidents and that's what I want. I'm running this label for nearly 10 years, and I don't feel the necessity to promote my old and sold out releases here. Well, it's nice to have an archive and look for some old stuff, but nothing more. So that's it. Of course, I don't know where to go tomorrow, but I hope this is blog will be up-to-date, informative and worth reading. Greetz, Alex RRR