Samstag, 25. Juni 2011

Older Releases RRR001 - RRR020

This is an overview about some older releases. Most of them aren't available anymore. Just to give you an impression of the things we did in the past. 

RRR020: Soviet Nuns / F.U.G - Split LP
RRR019: Profit And Murder - Mother Nature's Afterbirth LP
RRR018: Taste The Floor - s/t CD
RRR017: A Bit Of Braindead - Totally Wrecked 7"
RRR016: Sidetracked - Churchill Downs 7"
RRR015: Outrageous - Selftitled CD
RRR014: The Omnipresent Disease / Alarmstufe Gerd - Split this 7"
RRR013: FUG - Sumus Animalia 7"
RRR012: Sniffing Glue - We are Sniffing Glue, Fuck You CD
RRR011: Undressed Army - Hier ist alles geil 7"
RRR010: Sidetracked - The Decay 12"
RRR009: Krautbomber - Selftitled CD
RRR008: Nein Nein Nein / Kaput Krauts - Bombing Your Kleinstadt LP
RRR007: Deny Everything - Selftitled CD
RRR006: Krombacher Kellerkinder - Never.Ever.Fuck.Die CD
RRR005: The Swords / The Facts - These are my 7"
RRR004: Sidetracked / Some Came Running - Split 7"
RRR003: Sidetracked - Crush Kill Destroy MC
RRR002: V/A - Trash Till Death Vol. 2 MC
RRR001: V/A - Trash Till Death Vol. 1 MC