Sonntag, 26. Juni 2011

RRR025: Shoyu Squad - From Bad To Worse And Nine To Five LP

About two years after the fabulous debut ep of Shoyu Squad from Bielefeld, the four guys recorded 10 new songs to release their first LP called 'From Bad To Worse And Nine To Five' and I think the bombenalarm-reference is not accidentally... To me the new songs appear way darker than the tracks of the 7", less thrashlines, but more heavyness and more raggedness all along the line. I like Chainbreaker, I like Bombenalarm, I like Tragedy and I'm absolutly happy that 'From Bad To Worse...' is the first LP that is solely released by Rising Riot Records. And to mention the great B.... in this little text for a last time: We have even the cover 'Funktionstuechtig Deutsch' on this record!!! 250 pieces in white and rest in black vinyl. 

01. Intro
02. Buried Alive
03. No Tomorrow
04. Suffocate
05. Grey
06. Deception
07. The Baiting Mob
08. Not The End Of Of Our Tragedy
09. Funktionstüchtig Deutsch
10. Nightmare