Sonntag, 26. Juni 2011

RRR026: Remember - Chuzpe LP

About one year after the debut-ep 'Death To All Of Us' Remember are back with their first full length. Chuzpe is the consistent advancement of the EP, the record is dark and desperate. It combines some modern hardcore elements with some moshing heavyness of pure intensity. There are these calm and muted moments just to be destroyed by another vehement storm. We made some copies in a splattered-vinyl-look, some white copies and some black ones. Moreover, every record will have it's unique download code. 
01. Caught by the birds...
02. Resurrecution
03. Trees
04. Won't stop
05. Chuzpe
06. Restless
07. Moving backwards
08. Wreck
09. Take your head!
10. Statues
11. Realm
12. ...eaten by the wolves