Sonntag, 26. Juni 2011

RRR027: Ruins / Kyrest - Split LP

Ruins from Bielefeld and Kyrest from Nürnberg teamed up to release an awesome piece of vinyl on rising riot records. Both bands play some intense modern neocrust-dbeat. We know the ruins-guys from bands like Shoyu Squad and KPX and so we expected a brutal liveset and we got it. For this split, Ruins recorded four songs with the help of Robin Völkert and brought it to a playtime of nearly 19 minutes. Kyrest tackle their songs in the same way, brutal and atmospheric neocrust with german and english lyrics. The kyrest-side of the record brings four songs in about 14 minutes. All the records come in grey, milky wax. So, all you friends of dark and doomy records, this one is for you. 

Songs:01. Ruins - No Tears Will Fall
02. Ruins - Der Letzte Tage
03. Ruins - Victory Of The Sun
04. Ruins - Drown
05. Kyrest - Aufwachen
06. Kyrest - The Eye
07. Kyrest - Fighting Windmills
08. Kyrest - Räder