Sonntag, 26. Juni 2011

RRR028: Hyena - Breathing Death Rotting Flesh 7"

Hyena is a new hardcore-punk outfit out of the AJZ Bielefeld Crew and I think they choosed the very best and most suitable name for their band, cause the hyena-music is raw, rotten and simply a low-down bastard. The seven songs on this record vary from uptempo punkrawk to slowed down heavyness in a decuman rage. The lyrics dealing with the status of being and feeling fucked up in every aspect. These guys swing the sledge and bring down the foundation, the world is fucked and Hyena are the special task force to wreck up everything. 

01. B.D.R.F.
02. Still Pissed
03. No Colors
04. Nothing
05. Mindless Drones
06. Disease
07. Pressure


Pressure by Hyena HC/Punk