Mittwoch, 28. Dezember 2011

Cannoneer 12" Releaseshow this friday

The releaseshow of the Cannoneer 12" ´A Blackening Mind, An Empty Heart` will take place this friday, the 30th of december 2011. Just follow the route to Portoheim, Kirchplatz 6, Fröndenberg. We will celebrate with Remember, Willy Fog, Sidetracked, Travels & Trunks and well, of course Cannoneer themselves. Check the flyer, get your record, download your digital revolution and come to the show. Moreover, there will be another fine show on 07.01.2012 in Taubenschlag, Unna with Ruins, Madame Monster Patsy O´Hara and a very special guest.

This is the official releaseinfo: Cannoneer release their debut-12" on Rising Riot Records. This young band from an unknown town close to dortmund plays some melodic but bitter hardcore-punk. Ask me an I would place these guys between Strike Anywhere and Just Went Black. With all these melodies and arrangements, somehow Cannoneer are strangers in the Rising Riot rooster, but what the fuck, I simply love these sad but strong songs, the desperate singers voice and everything else. There are six songs on the a-side and a beautiful etching on the b-side.

Cannoneer - Sleepless by risingriotrecords

Freitag, 9. Dezember 2011

The Unrest 7" is available now

Hello sweden, hail the punks. This record is the debut 7" of the new d-beat-crust monster from Münster. Unrest recorded some brutal neocrust-d-beat blasts and we made a 7" of it, which fits perfectly between skitsystem and victims in your record shelf. So, if you´re an ardent worshipper of all these black-dressed sweded-style hardcore-punk, check this release. We have extra good-looking vinyl, which looks like black-grey marble and a fine coverartwork full of clichés like a pentacle, the skull and a lot of ammo. Well done, young hardcore-folks, well done.

Unrest - Extend by risingriotrecords