Freitag, 13. April 2012

Sidetracked Releaseshow // 21.02.12

So, the releaseshow of the new Sidetracked LP will take please at:

AKZ Recklinghausen, 21.04.2012

Even though BLCKWVS is not on r.r.records, I would like to call this a Rising Riot Showcase. I´m really happy about the bands who join in and the people of the AKZ who make this possible. Hope, some of you will be there.

Some other chances to see SIDETRACKED on the road:

14.04. // NÜRNBERG. desi, keep it evil fest
15.04. // SIEGEN. veb, matinee show
21.04. // RECKLINGHAUSEN. akz, record release show
27.04. // need help
28.04. // BERLIN. changing room
29.04. // need help
25.05. // BERGKAMEN. jz yellowstone