Freitag, 15. Februar 2013

142 LP and some showdates

Look what our prodigious friend Maz of Spastic Fantastic Records did with our first and only demo of 142: He took the songs and made an awesome piece of vinyl of it, 10 songs, 7 minutes, onesided flamed and fat vinyl, black and red. And moreover he made a great cutout, screenprint coverartwork on his own without any help of us... This pressing is limited to 112 copies and it's nearly sold out. So, get your copy now, honestly, I love it.....

On the occasion of this release 142 will play one more show. The final show? Nobody knows. Maybe one show a year is enough.

142 live at 15 Years of Horrorbiz Records: 26.04.2013 in JZ Yellowstone Bergkamen.

Although estimable:

Madame Monster live at Frost Punx Picnic: 23.02.2013 in AZ Mülheim,
Madame Monster live at 15 Years of Horrorbiz Records: 27.04.2013 in JZ Yellowstone Bergkamen.