RRR034: 142 - Demo LP
Frid had no time to rehearse so we asked the Broer if would like to come around for a jam. We changed some instruments and had about three or four complete songs within minutes. We rehearsed two times more, had ten final songs, walked to the werner wiese studio and recorded these ten songs for a demo-cdr, that really sold well. We played only less shows. Then Maz of Spastic Fantastic came around and wanted to do vinyl with these songs and he didn't stopped bugging us, so we told him to do whatever he wants to do with the songs. So, he did it and here we are: 142 on an onesided black and red flamed, fat piece of wax, screenprinted, cutout artwork. Thanks Maz, thanks for everything.

RRR033: Shoyu Squad - Misery Delivery Service 7"
One drug for every human error and one raging Shoyu Squad song for every of my misanthropic thoughts. The Squads released four new songs full of bitterness and disillusion. Lies, Universal Misery, Requiem For A Lost Soul and the final Does It Ever Get Easy? are the songs to say goodbye, the soundtrack for the very personal misery when realitiy crashes down on you. I don't believe in god and I don't believe in this world, for all I fucking know, it's not getting better, it's getting worse. 

RRR032: Sidetracked - Ghosttownbloomer LP
After a bunch of EPs, so many shows and even more hours on the road, the four sidetracked boys visited the Tonmeisterei Oldenburg to record 16 songs and release this longplayer via Rising Riot and Spastic Fantastic Records. These new songs are fierce in the sidetracked-way as we are used to it, but there are also some calm and muted tunes, we never heard before (from the sidetracked four), the whole issue, the whole record turns out to be an elaborate and strong album with soul, action, nihilism and disbelief.


RRR031: Unrest - s/t 7"
Hello sweden, hail the punks. This record is the debut 7" of the new d-beat-crust monster from Münster. Unrest recorded some brutal neocrust-d-beat blasts and we made a 7" of it, which fits perfectly between skitsystem and victims in your record shelf. So, if you´re an ardent worshipper of all these black-dressed sweded-style hardcore-punk, check this release. We have extra good-looking vinyl, which looks like black-grey marble and a fine coverartwork full of clichés like a pentacle, the skull and a lot of ammo. Well done, young hardcore-folks, well done.
 RRR030: Cannoneer - A Blackening Mind, An Empty Heart 12" 
Cannoneer release their debut-12" on Rising Riot Records. This young band from an unknown town close to dortmund plays some melodic but bitter hardcore-punk. Ask me an I would place these guys between Strike Anywhere and Just Went Black. With all these melodies and arrangements, somehow Cannoneer are strangers in the Rising Riot rooster, but what the fuck, I simply love these sad but strong songs, the desperate singers voice and everything else. There are six songs on the a-side and a beautiful etching on the b-side. 

RRR029: Remember - Feeding Problems 7"
Every new year a new record of Remember. When I listened to the new songs for the first time, these new tunes sounded way harder and in fact a little bit more metallic than the songs I knew from the former records. Some people compare this EP to Rise And Fall, well, why not. I listened to the Into Oblivion LP and I really found some parallels, but that´s not the point... We made 50 liveshows-only records, which are already sold out. Now we have the regular pressing in green vinyl, in thai-curry-red and in old-friends-black.

RRR028: Hyena – Breathing Death Rotting Flesh 7"
Hyena is a new hardcore-punk outfit out of the AJZ Bielefeld Crew and I think they choosed the very best and most suitable name for their band, cause the hyena-music is raw, rotten and simply a low-down bastard. The seven songs on this record vary from uptempo punkrawk to slowed down heavyness in a decuman rage. The lyrics dealing with the status of being and feeling fucked up in every aspect. These guys swing the sledge and bring down the foundation, the world is fucked and Hyena are the special task force to wreck up everything. 

RRR027: Ruins / Kyrest – Split LP
Ruins from Bielefeld and Kyrest from Nürnberg teamed up to release an awesome piece of vinyl on rising riot records. Both bands play some intense modern neocrust-dbeat. We know the ruins-guys from bands like Shoyu Squad and KPX and so we expected a brutal liveset and we got it. For this split, Ruins recorded four songs with the help of Robin Völkert and brought it to a playtime of nearly 19 minutes. Kyrest tackle their songs in the same way, brutal and atmospheric neocrust with german and english lyrics. The kyrest-side of the record brings four songs in about 14 minutes. All the records come in grey, milky wax.

RRR026: Remember – Chuzpe LP
About one year after the debut-ep 'Death To All Of Us' Remember are back with their first full length. Chuzpe is the consistent advancement of the EP, the record is dark and desperate. It combines some modern hardcore elements with some moshing heavyness of pure intensity. There are these calm and muted moments just to be destroyed by another vehement storm. We made some copies in a splattered-vinyl-look, some white copies and some black ones. Moreover, every record will have it's unique download code.  

RRR025: Shoyu Squad - From Bad To Worse And Nine To Five LP
About two years after the fabulous debut ep of Shoyu Squad from Bielefeld, the four guys recorded 10 new songs to release their first LP called 'From Bad To Worse And Nine To Five' and I think the bombenalarm-reference is not accidentally... To me the new songs appear way darker than the tracks of the 7", less thrashlines, but more heavyness and more raggedness all along the line. I like Chainbreaker, I like Bombenalarm, I like Tragedy and I'm absolutly happy that 'From Bad To Worse...' is the first LP that is solely released by Rising Riot Records. And to mention the great B.... in this little text for a last time: We have even the cover 'Funtionstuechtig Deutsch' on this record!!! pieces in white and rest in black vinyl. 

RRR024: Sidetracked / Kachel - Split 7"
It took so long to release this piece of wax and from time to time we really didn't believe, that this split-ep would see the light of day, but well, haste makes waste and here we are. Together with Final Exit Records from Munich we release 4 songs of Sidetracked from the Pott and 2 songs of Kachel from Munich. The 7" comes in lilac wax and moreover the first 50 records have and additonal extra cover with Tim Sidetracked and Börl Kachel on it. So, some words about the music: hardcore-punk, the usual stuff.

RRR023: The Omnipresent Disease - Dressed Like You 10"
Unlasting the four punks of The Omnipresent Disease are releasing their first real debut output in these days. We had the great demo and the admirable split-7" with Alarmstufe Gerd and now The OPD is back with a bunch of songs and what should I say... I really expected a real good hc-punk record, but the Dressed Like You 10" exceeds all my expectations by far. And I'm really happy for the four OPD-guys to release such a pissed and mangy record. Dressed Like You is a dirty and disowned cur, seeking for hideous revenge, ahungered, cornered but ready for anything. I don't want to overpraise something, but it's my very personal opinion, that The OPD belongs to the precious few hc-punk-bands, that typify what punk really means to me.  
RRR022: KPX - Freedom In Fences 7"
These kids are pissed. KPX from bielefeld, germany show up with their debut-7" containing five angry and political hardcorepunk-tunes. The threesome recorded a bunch of songs at Rec-O-Rob's hip studio and chose the best of it for this fierce E.P.. KPX write typical but reflected, political lyrics in german and english, that really puts me in a delightful, pugnacious and powerful punkrawk-atmosphere. The songs dash completely fast forward with no time for respite or slowdowns. In addition to the regular pressing, we offer a limited preorder-edition with an alternative cover-artwork and colored wax.  

RRR021: Remember - Death To All Of Us 7"
Remember from dortmund saw the light of day in summer 2008. One year, one tour, one demo and many, many shows later, the guys finished their debut-7" 'Death To All Of Us' and the result is overwhelming. The five songs are intensive and stirring to the bone, full of desperation and disbelief, but always powerful and straight ahead. With this 7" you'll get some well done modern hardcoretunes with a punk attitude all along the line. We made a preorder-edition of this record in solid white vinyl. The residual copies are available in clear and blue wax. You can download the complete EP for free, just check the relevant web pages.

RRR020: Soviet Nuns / F.U.G - Split LP
The SOVIET NUNS and F.U.G, both from palermo, team up to release this piece of 180 gr. heavy vinyl. Both bands did an awesome job, recording some fine, fine 80-hardcore-punk-tunes. The F.U.G. come up with 8 catchy singalong songs in their well-known manner, simple punk-tunes, simple verse-chorus-verse-styled punkrawk without frills and experiments and it's no big surprise that we find an Adolescents cover 'Word Attack' on this side of the record!!! The SOVIET NUNS are way harder and way more aggressiv than the colleagues of the F.U.G.. The nuns really remind me of bands like BlackSS or TearItUp, raw and dirty, a really pissed off and angry voice, I love it. This is hardcore-punk the way it should be. Let op, drempels!!! You should listen to some songs at our myspace-profil or somewhere else.  
RRR019: Profit And Murder - Mother Nature's Afterbirth LP
This is a solid crusty d-beat-punk record on Rising Riot Records. Profit And Murder released a nice 7" in the past. This is the second output of the old crustys (members of World Chaos and Hellhaak) from Bremen and well, the 7" was real good and this LP is the tangible continuation of it. You get 10 typical boisterous and aggressive d-beat-crust-titles in a great noisy and raw sound. We really waited a long period for this record, but now it finally arrived and the waiting was real worthwhile. Dear crust-fans with fancy, political patches all over your cloths, this one is for you. Songs like '88 Reasons To Hate You' or 'Botox Zombies' are the accomplished soundtrack for long, wet and beloved squadnights. Lyrics are fierce, political and personal, just how it has to be for a proper disbeat-record.
RRR018: Taste The Floor - s/t CD
Taste The Floor are the new members in the RisingRiot-Family, they are from roma, italy and they are into some thrashy, fast and furious oldschool hardcore with a lot of drive, energy and passion (what else…). New shouter Paolo has a really pissed and brawly voice, that fits perfectly to the moving power of Taste The Floor. This diggypack contains 12 songs at all, including one cover of Scholastic Deth's 'Shackle Me Not'. Most songs are not longer than 90 seconds and that's absolutely enough. Bang your head against the speakers and have a good time, that's what TTF would do. 

RRR017: A Bit Of Braindead - Totally Wrecked 7"
A Bit Of Braindead are from berlin and moreover they are the german fastcore-thrashpunk-answer to manowar's shirts-off-stageaction. This is the debut-7" of these bad kidpunks and what we get is 7 songs pure stop-and-go-core that really reminds me of Vitamin X. Think, it's because of the speaking-meets-screaming-voice of the singer and the guitar-frills from time to time. This record has a big middlefinger, some big mouthes and a fucked up and angry attitude. Songs about democracy, sex, pills, more pills and switching off the brain make the world go round, well, at least our world. 

RRR016: Sidetracked - Churchill Downs 7"
While so many bands call it a day after one active year, the sidetracked-four carry it on and on and on. Here is another fine 7" with six new songs out of coalchamber and the four guys just won't slow down. The last 12" was really powerful and intense, these new songs are simply fast, short and loud, a thrashing punk- and hardcoreattack like we love it. This 7" sounds raw and dirty like it should be, no need of a fat hollywood-metal-production, this is a punkrock-engine fuelled the spirit of some fuckheads with their hearts at the right place. We have got 100 clear copies and 400 in black vinyl. This Shit Rulez!!!  

RRR015: Outrageous - Selftitled CD
Outrageous is a conspiracy of four youngsters from sweden, who play some modern hardcore full of intensity and passion. Listening to their songs for the first time, Outrageous really reminds me of the latest album of GiveUpTheGhost, so strong, so blackly and so acute. This record feels like heavy autumn, only faster. With desperate lyrics, heavy breakdowns and a shouter of really great talent, Outrageous released a debut, that will absolutly make an impact in the world of fans of modern oldschool. With the words of Outrageous: 'This is not a whisper in the wind, this is a fucking tornado of words desperate for a change.'  
RRR014: The Omnipresent Disease / Alarmstufe Gerd - Split this 7"
We love 7inches, so here is another fine piece of wax for you. The Omnipresent Disease and Alarmstufe Gerd recorded some biting hardcore-punk tunes to release this split-7" and wreck your stereo. The OPD hits your auditory canal at full throttle, a blast of confetti hardcore and heavy thrash-attacks with great lyrics against christ-democrats and life in general. Alarmstufe Gerd with two guys of the Undressed Army comes along with some tough hardcore-tunes, really short songs, but damn intense. 8 songs of Alarmstufe Gerd und 4 songs of The OPD. Beware, the ruhrpott-core is taking over!!!  
RRR013: FUG - Sumus Animalia 7"
What's up with the palermo-kids?? Nothing wrong, man!!! Forty Upon Giacomazzi or simply FUG come from palermo, south italy and these mediterranean guys really know, how to play tidy 80's hardcorepunk. After releasing their first 7" and a whole-length, 'SumusAnimalia' is their third record and with 13 songs on one 7", this piece of wax is simply a measure of quality for all the lousy wannabe-hardcore-punk-kids. I read about some comparisons with bands like D.R.I., Minor Threat, Suicidal Tendencies, Gang Green, Verbal Abuse, M.D.C. and stuff, well, I don't care for anything but: Forty Upon Forty Upon Forty Upon Giacomazzi. 

RRR012: Sniffing Glue - We are Sniffing Glue, Fuck You CD
Early 80's hardcore-punk as authentic as it can be. These four young men appear with a bunch of songs, which just lead me to one question: Why didn't MinorThreat record these fantastic songs or GangGreen or BlackFlag or the CircleJerks. I don't know it, but it doesn't matter, cause this is 2008 and SniffingGlue demonstrates imposingly that there's still no need for hairspray, nail polish, music lessons and tough attitudes to be a fucked up, unstudied hardcore-blast. Besides the regular album-songs, this cd includes the new ep 'Suburban Suicide, Suburban Violence'.  

RRR011: Undressed Army - Hier ist alles geil 7"
Straight outta germany's coalchamber, here is the UNDRESSED ARMY with their first 7". The guys released some really fine demos in the past, but now it's time to press some army-tunes on vinyl. But what is the UNDRESSED ARMY?? Well the UNDRESSED ARMY is hardcore'fucking'punk, political, cynical, critical, no bullshit, no macho-attitudes, no hatebreed-tshirts and muscle-posing. The guys represent exactly what it takes to be an authentical and charming hardcore-punk-act. Singalongs, Circlepits and NoBayernNowhere!!!! And if you think, the ARMY is a pure fun-band, you are wrong. Of course it's fun to see them on stage and there is really a great entertainment value within the lyrics and the music. But The UNDRESSED ARMY has something to say, a value, a message, an attitude.  

RRR010: Sidetracked - The Decay 12"
It took some time, but the first 12" of SIDETRACKED is available right now. The new release is called 'The Decay' and contains 8 news songs, which are pressed only on the one side of the record, the b-side is completely glassy. We love it, believe it. While the 7" with SomeCameRunning was more a fine piece of trashing fastcore, these new songs are way more powerful, and well, embittered and personal at the one hand and political and fierce at the other. Striking hard against patriotism and the common conservative filth, this band takes a stand. Some might call this some kind of modern hardcore but I hate these phrases and moreover this records moves beyond any lame hc-trends. All you bands and kids focusing on pure hardness without content, this one is against you.  

RRR009: Krautbomber - Selftitled CD
NoNoNo, this isn't 'Deutschpunk', well, this is punk with german lyrics, with smart german lyrics. Due to the fact that Michi of NeinNeinNein is doing the vocals, it's obvious, that the bomber reminds of NNN, but Krautbomber is way harder and straighter than the three guys from gladbach. This record is a middlefinger for all the cliché-hardcore or -punk-kids, who are trapped in their own constricted world of senseless stereotypes. Well, and moreover this record is the broad evidence that punk from germany can get along very well without songs about booze, soccer and dull humour.  

RRR008: Nein Nein Nein / Kaput Krauts - Bombing Your Kleinstadt LP
NEIN NEIN NEIN and KAPUT KRAUTS pooled together to release an awesome piece of 12inch of yellow and pink wax. NEIN NEIN NEIN come along with 10 songs, 7 of there own and 3 coversongs of EA80, AMEN81 and KAPUT KRAUTS. KAPUT KRAUTS release 7 songs on this LP, including NEIN NEIN NEIN's 'Gefressen und Ausgekotzt'. If you are aware of the fact that punk means criticism, reflection and offence and if dull german booze-punk is a bore, check these two bands. Great german lyrics against everyone and everything and a musical bandwidth from hardcore to punkrock and a breeze of emo.  
RRR007: Deny Everything - Selftitled CD
Yeah men, we are happy and proud to present you DENY EVERYTHING from cologne. These great punkrocking oldschool guys will release their first cd on RisingRiotRecords. Similar to the RRR-mentality, DENY EVERYTHING accent that there is to much metal in today's hardcorescene, so they take all the power, energy and passion modern hardcore can offer you and combine it with the greatest melodies you can imagine (and we're not talking about highschool-pop, ok). The cd will contain 6 songs, so catchy, you won't be able to get 'em out of your head, be sure. If you're still hoping for a kiddynamite-reunion, better spend your time with DENY EVERYTHING and you'll get the same great melodies and moreover a package of energy and passion, most bands of today are still praying for.

RRR006: Krombacher Kellerkinder - Never.Ever.Fuck.Die CD
The mighty mighty KrombacherKellerkinder take leave with this farewell-cd. Their kimme-release was really important to us, so we are proud to release their last stuff ever. The cd contains 32 songx, 12 new ones and 20 old songx, that weren't part of the kimme-cd, for example a plastic-bomb-radioshow, some vinyl-only tracks, old demos, livetracks and stuff. Expect some hardcore-skate-punk with cool melodies, six fists full of energy and pissed lyrics. We release this cd in cooperation with horrorbiz- and goodboysrecords. 

RRR005: The Swords / The Facts - These are my 7"
This 7" documents the ongoing battle of two young bands. Both, TheFacts and TheSwords sold their sanity for the essence of chaoscore. TheFacts are running a desperate, distressed path through the abyss of subsistence. If you need comparisons, take some girs, panic and stuff. The drugfree and vegan moshmonster, formaly known as TheSwords are out to take a stand against the prevailing stupidity in todays hc-scene. Vegan-SXE gets a new shape, forget the blackened metalmosh-kids without any background. HC needs content, so here are TheSwords. 

RRR004: Sidetracked / Some Came Running - Split 7"
This is the result of the teamwork of 4 labels: FieldsOfHope-, GoodBoys-, RisingRiot- and NoHoldingBackRecords. The sidetracked-guys are still committed to their fast and furious thrashcore. These 5 new songs kick ass as hell, a maniac and supercharged thrashmassacre. SomeCameRunning present 6 hardhitting, emotional hardcoresongs somewhere between BreathIn and GiveUpTheGhost. Expect an extrem angry voice combined with short, fast and aggressive songs. Great record, great artwork, great bands. 

RRR003: Sidetracked - Crush Kill Destroy MC
Sidetracked recorded a bunch of songs for the split-7" with 'SomeCameRunning', but in the end we had more songs than we needed for a 7". We decided to release the residual songs too, because we don't want them to be forgotten. That doesn't mean that these songs are second quality, they are simply so great, that it would be a fucking disgrace if they would rot in our personal box of songs of yesterday. To make this tape a little bit special, we only produced 101 copies. 

RRR002: V/A - Trash Till Death Vol. 2 MC
The second episode of our nice tapecompilation. This time with a lot of cool bands. We released and sold a lot of it. Nice soundtrack for cool trips in your car. 

RRR001: V/A - Trash Till Death Vol. 1 MC
Our first compilation, most bands were close friends of us. We tried to get basically demosongs, that weren't released somewhere else.